Uniformed Service

Our Professional Armed and/or Unarmed Security officers are trained to provide service to banks, office buildings, hospitals, shopping centers, private residence, hotels, apartment complex, restaurants and retail locations. This service also includes plant protection, which covers warehouse, industrial sites, construction sites and parking lots. Our Uniformed Security Officers are available with different uniforms that will suit your organization.

Executive & Celebrity Protection

This specialty service provides trained bodyguard and escort services for the protection of executives, dignitaries, celebrities, Homes, Estates, Boat, Ranch, or anyone having the need for a more personal and specialized protection.

24/7 Online Monitoring

Our specialized team is dedicated to
customizing, installing, & placing CCTV
and Interactive Monitoring Systems
, throughout
your site through technical evaluation and site
analysis. You can ensure your site is secure and
monitored 24/7.


American Professional Security, Inc. is licensed for Private Investigation. We provide a wide range of investigative services including surveillance, employee observations, and polygraph examination, background investigation/pre-employment screening and undercover operations.

Loss Prevention

American Professional Security, Inc. provides skilled undercover personnel to detect and prevent shop lifting and employee theft. This services perfect for shopping centers, retail stores, parking lots, warehouses, etc. This service can help to save clients hundreds of thousand dollars in lost revenues annually.

Crowd Control

American Professional Security, Inc. can provide all your crowd control needs whether it is public events, private events, conferences, sporting events, etc.

Patrol Service

Mobile patrol is a cost effective alternative to our uniformed services. The service is useful in detection of vandalism, theft and deterrence. We provide drive through patrol, inspecting the perimeters, fence, gates, windows, doors and alarm response.

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